Monday, February 20, 2017

For Sale: 1971 Volvo 1800E (P1800) - $16,700

If you're reading this, the car is still for sale. Vehicle has 150,542 miles with about 2,000 miles on the rebuilt engine and transmission. This is an original California car. I brought it over to Austin, TX when I relocated. I’ve owned the car for 8 years and have been restoring it since then. The transmission is a manual 4-speed with an electronic overdrive. This car turns heads, runs great, and has been garage stored. The Interior has been restored to near original condition. I have records/receipts from 1992 - present. All the work listed below are detailed in this blog with the exception of the most recent work in Jan 2017 (new Electronic Control Unit (ECU), cleaned fuel system, replaced rubber fuel lines, new spark plugs, engine compression checked, wiring harness checked, new fuel injection pressure sensor).

The car is in mechanically good condition. As stated above, I recently had it checked thoroughly in Jan 2017 as I hadn't driven it much in 2016. It was running a little on the rich side which tends to foul up the plugs after a while. The problem was traced back to a faulty/failing ECU and a new (refurbished) one was put in. In addition, the entire EFI system & wiring harness was checked and any vacuum leaks and electrical shorts were fixed. MAPS Sensor replaced. All fluids were replaced. Gas tank flushed and cleaned. Fuel hoses replaced. All mechanical parts were inspected and instructed to be changed if needed (they were all good). All of the above was done this Jan to the tune of $3,000 to get it road worthy and the car now drives better than it ever has in the 8 years that I've had it.

The car was already repainted yellow by the previous owner. Original color is dark green. Not sure if the yellow is Volvo's safari Yellow as I've not had the opportunity to see another Safari Yellow 1800E in person to make the comparison.

Vehicle is located in Austin, Texas. Out of state buyers welcomed. Leave a voice/text message at (512) 774-4616 or email mkjtang@hotmail (dot com).

Engine Compartment

  • Radiator and fan cleaned and repainted
  • Engine compartment components cleaned, repainted or rechromed
  • Electronic ignition upgrade: MSD Plug wire set, Pertronix Flame-Thrower coil, Pertronix Ignitor distributor points-to-electronic ignition conversion kit
  • Replaced starter
  • Chromed valve cover and oil cap
  • New battery
  • Replaced headlight relay

Engine and Fuel Management

  • New (refurbished) Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
  • New spark plugs & engine compression checked
  • New (refurbished) fuel injection pressure sensor
  • Rebuilt engine
  • New engine sensors & senders - thermostat, coolant temperature sensor, water temperature sender, oil temperature sender, air temperature sensor
  • Replaced fuel filter
  • New gas tank sender unit and cork seal
  • Replaced cold start relay
  • Cleaned fuel system and replaced rubber fuel lines
  • Wiring harness checked


  • Rear seat restored with new webbing and seat frame repainted
  • Custom made front sisal floor mats
  • Heater restored - Heater box, heater core, & blower fan restored, new seals and gaskets
  • Center console restored

  • Installed original Volvo mud flaps
  • Installed rear reflectors
  • NOS stainless steel Trico wiper blades
  • New quarter window seals
  • Quarter window trim re-chromed
  • Air intake grille and air duct restored
  • Replaced tail light gaskets
  • Replaced radio antenna
  • Replaced steering coupler
  • Replaced ball joints and tie rod

What's Missing/Needs Work:
  • No A/C. The car didn't come with one.
  • Missing windshield washer reservoir. I don't use it so I never bothered to replace it.
  • Passenger side widow crank handle needs replacing (missing knob, see photo below)
  • Tachnometer works when it wants to. It's been intermittent since I installed the Pertronix electronic ignition.
  • Clock does not work of course. (all other gauges work)
  • There's no radio

What’s Included:
  • Original user manual
  • Book - Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management (covers the D-Jet EFI)
  • Book - Volvo 1800 and 120 Owners Workshop Manual
  • 2 CDs - Volvo 1800 parts catalog and service manuals
  • Laminated color wiring diagram
  • Original jack
  • Spare matching wheel and tire
  • Spare valve cover and gasket
  • Box of misc parts

Click on photos to enlarge:

Hairline cracks in the paint of passenger side headlamp area. Could be a touch of bondo/filler under there - not sure.

Beauty mark #1: Paint chip on hood

Beauty mark #2: Paint chip on hood

Factory original alloy wheels

No radio

Custom made old school sisal floor mats

Some surface rust on the inner passenger side lip of trunk. Click on photo to enlarge.

Matching factory original alloy wheel spare tire. Original jack & handle.

Trunk had new carpet installed when I bought the car.

Missing knob on passenger side window crank.

Original color code is 94 (dark green). Volvo was painted yellow by previous owner. Original upholstery is gold metallic/tan which is what you'll see in the car.